SEEing Youth: Supporting, Educating & Enabling Youth

“SEEing Youth: Supporting, Educating and Enabling Youth” is a civil society project funded by the European Union under the Cypriot Civil Society in Action VII Grant Scheme, jointly implemented by the Cyprus Turkish Association of Managers, the Human Resources Management Association and PeacePlayers-Cyprus. The SEEing Youth project commenced in December 2021 and covers a period of 36 months.

Project Purpose:
To contribute to the creation of a socially and professionally developed youth environment with an inter-sectoral and multidisciplinary approach.

Project Goals:
1. To carry out advocacy activities for the social and professional development of young people in order to strengthen youth employment,
2. To carry out studies to improve the professional capacities of young people and institutions,
3. To work towards making young people, the private sector and NGOs more active in the field of social responsibility.

Project Activities
A.1 Youth Employment Monitoring Study
A.1.1 Mapping of status of youth education& employment before & after the Covid-19 pandemic
A.1.2 Policy Development & Advocacy on Youth Employment
A.1.3 Advocacy work around internship and traineeship terms to be recognised within a legal framework

A.2 “Inspiring the Future” Internship Programme
A.2.1 Capacity building studies for companies and NGOs
A.2.1.1 Tutorials and Guides
A2.1.2 Intern Friendly Institution Certificate
A.2.2 Capacity building trainings for young people
A.2.3 Paid Internship Programme
A.2.4 Online Training Programme
A.2.5 Intern Vacancy Platform

A.3 “Inspiring the Future” Social Responsibility Small Grants Programme
A.3.1 Awareness-raising activities on social responsibility and active citizenship
A.3.2 Small grants programme for social responsibility projects to be developed in partnership with young individuals, NGOs and corporations.

SEEing Youth Project’s main action is to provide paid internship opportunities to young people that would like to gain work experience during summer months as a continuation of the Inspiring the Future Project, which was successfully carried out and completed between 2018 and 2020. Anyone over the age of 18 can apply to the internship programme, which offers training opportunities as well as work experience to its participants. In order to reach young people from every region in the northern part of Cyprus, positions will be made available in different institutions and organisations all around in the northern part of Cyprus. In 2023 and 2024, the internship programme will offer internship opportunities across the island to bring together young people from all over Cyprus.

You can contact us by sending an email to

Project Team

Melis Eroğlu "Project Coordinator"

Since 2011, Melis Eroğlu has been actively involved in various non-governmental organisations both voluntarily and professionally to create an enabling environment for youth, arts, environment and civil society. Melis is motivated by the goal and principle of a world of compassion, love and peace for all living beings. The reason why Melis believes in this project is that it provides valuable opportunities for young people to develop themselves in different fields.

Süreyya Çelmen Değer "Project Coordinator"

From 2014 to 2020, Süreyya Çelmen Değer worked as a project coordinator at PeacePlayers-Cyprus. Süreyya Çelmen Değer has adopted the principle of working in civil society and producing and contributing to social transformation and progress. She works for multi-communal projects, with the aim of creating a Cyprus where people are considered as human beings, where equality and justice are accepted as the most important virtues of the society. Süreyya Çelmen Değer, who for the past ten years has been making a living from her Project Coordinator duties in non-governmental organisations, is the mother of two sons named Umut Ada Değer and Özgür Deniz Değer and a cat named Mers’o.

Eralp Kortach "Communication Consultant"

After completing his education in Cyprus, Belgium and England, Eralp Kortaç worked in different institutions and companies in the fields of marketing and communication. After living abroad for 13 years, he returned to Cyprus and worked in various projects and with different non-governmental organisations. He worked as a communication consultant & a project coordinator for the projects implemented by PeacePlayers-Cyprus, YEU Cyprus and EMAA to name a few. Eralp Kortaç, works as a communication consultant in the SEEing Youth project on behalf of CyprusInno.