Inspiring the Future Small Grants Programme

Inspiring the Future Small Grants Programme

The Inspiring the Future (ITF) Small Grants Programme, which aims to bring young people together with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and companies to implement projects that address critical societal issues, is now being implemented.

The Inspiring the Future (ITF) Small Grants Scheme, which is implemented under the SEEing Youth Project, is funded by the European Union under  Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community and implemented by the Cyprus Turkish Managers Association (CTAM) and the Human Resources Management Association (HRMA).

Inspiring the Future Small Grants Programme Projects’ Implementation Period Has Started

Seven innovative projects addressing social issues identified by young people have commenced work on human rights, environmental matters, and similar issues. To support young people aspiring to transform society they are part of, the ITF Small Grants Programme provides a total of 26,266 Euros in funding for these seven projects. These initiatives, which focus on crucial areas such as human rights, the environment, social participation, and sustainability, were presented to the public at a launch event held on 15 May 2024. The ITF Small Grants Programme encourages young people who aim to contribute to a fair, equitable, and sustainable future to become active in social change, participation, and capacity building.

Inspiring The Future Small Grants Programme Projects

1-) ALIM SANCAR – Sexual Health and LGBTI+ Health Project

The aim of the project is to increase young people’s awareness regarding sexual health and LGBTI+ health by creating comprehensive and informative resources and ensuring that young people have access to these resources.

 Project Partners: Girne Youth Association – Apero Cafe and PAO Burger

2-) HASAN KAYIPLAR – Genç Folk-Der Project

The aim of the project is to increase the participation of children, young people, and adults under the association’s roof towards social issues and to ensure that young people actively participate in the association’s decision-making mechanisms.

 Project Partners: FOLK-DER and Ramadan Cemil Enterprises

3-) IRMAK BEKTAŞOĞLU – Let’s Speak the Same Language Project

The aim of the project is to contribute to the social integration of migrant children who live in the northern part of Cyprus and attend public primary schools but do not speak Turkish.

Project Partners: Refugee Rights Association, Human Rights Platform & Tunga Media

4-) İLAYDA TAŞKAYA – Multi-Purpose Fire Response Vehicle

The aim of the project is to create a multi-purpose fire response tool and to train volunteers and decision making bodies on the usage of the tool to contribute to a sustainable fire response process.

Project Partners: Civil Disaster Team and Metgin Food

5-) MUSTAFA KEMAL AMBAR – Caretta Caretta Beach Cleaning Robot Project

The aim of the project is to contribute to sustainable and effective beach cleaning by producing a robot designed to combat microplastic pollution on the northern coast of Cyprus.

Project Partners: Famagusta Walled City Association and Kocareis Bungalows

6-) SILA BİRDAL – Dementia Patient Relatives Information and Support Project

The aim of the project is to increase general awareness of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in the northern part of Cyprus; to inform the families of patients about the stages of the disease, while contributing to the increase of intergenerational dialogue and support mechanisms within families.

Project Partners: Alzheimer’s Association – Good Food Trading

7-) TUĞBA YILMAZ – Green Hub Sustainable Living Community Project

 The project aims to establish a community that promotes sustainable living, to encourage young people in Cyprus to adopt this lifestyle, and to lead sustainable development.

Project Partners: Green Peace Movement – Polymer Traders & KMC Consultancy

By bringing young people together with CSOs and companies, the programme aims to create social benefits and raise awareness of similar initiatives in this field. It also seeks to pioneer corporate social responsibility projects and set an example for cross-sector cooperation, recognising that all societal actors must contribute to achieving long-term social transformation and solving problems. The SEEing Youth Project aims to create a platform where young people can make their voices heard and drive social change through the Inspire the Future Small Grant Programme. Despite their short implementation period, the projects will enable us to address critical issues effectively and contribute to creating a better social life for society, particularly for young people.

CSO and Private Sector Partnership Pool and Small Grant Programme: An Opportunity for Youth Empowerment

The CSO Partnership Pool and the Private Sector Partnership Pool will collaborate with young people, allowing them to combine their creativity and energy with the knowledge and experience of CSOs and the private sector. Young people will receive support from CSOs and private sector organisations that agree to be project partners, enabling them to focus on critical social issues while carrying out their projects.

Objectives and Results of the Grant Programme:

– The small grants programme aims to encourage the active participation of young people in civil society while promoting corporate social responsibility through strengthening civil society and private sector cooperation and creating networks for sustainable partnerships for future collaborations.

– The programme is designed for young people aged between 18-30, with the aim of mobilising them to actively participate in creating social change through project development and implementation.

-The programme aims to promote the mainstreaming of human rights-based principles, non-discrimination, gender equality, and the inclusion of marginalised and vulnerable groups in youth initiatives.

Objectives of the Small Grants Programme:

– Supporting and empowering young people to become socially aware, confident, and active citizens who can implement their ideas to create positive change.

Priorities of the Programme:

-Raising awareness and creating social change among young people on fundamental human rights and responsibilities, active citizenship, environment and climate change, social inclusion and youth participation, democratic governance, eliminating inequalities and discrimination, reinforcing gender equality including LGBTQI+;

-Empowering young people to take part in policy and decision making through organising under thematic and general youth assemblies, committees and lobbying;

-Supporting young people in creating direct change within their communities in relation to environment/climate change, anti-discrimination, youth participation, fundamental human rights, etc.

Expected Results from the Small Grants Programme:

-Increased awareness, knowledge and action among young people on the priorities of the programme;

-Mobilisation and increased social skills and confidence of young people;

-Increased collaboration between CSOs and the private sector;

-Promotion of corporate social responsibility projects.